Our Solution On Wi-SUN

What is Wi-SUN?

  • Wi-SUN means Wireless Smart Utility Network.
  • Wi-SUN is a secure optimized mesh network.
  • Wi-SUN is promoted by Wi-SUN Alliance.
  • Wi-SUN alliance promotes adoption of open industry standards used for wireless smart utility and smart city applications.
  • Applications of Wi-SUN are advanced metering, distribution automation, municipal lighting, smart parking, environmental sensing etc.
  • Wi-SUN network is developed as per IEEE 802.15.4g which defines PHY and MAC layer specifications.
  • It makes products from multiple vendors interoperate without any issues.


  • Utility & Energy Management
  • Smart Agricultural System
  • Environmental Monitoring System
  • Smart City & Smart Street Lighting

We Provide

Wi-SUN Node

  • Device Management
  • Alarm setting / Feedback
  • Follow Mesh Topology

Wi-SUN Gateway

  • Network connectivity – 3G/4G, Ethernet, WiFi
  • Router function(FirmWare, Network Management, QoS)
  • Connecting Wi-SUN modules

NetKlass AIOT Cloud

  • Gateway Management, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Reports, Customized Applications
  • (Optional) Work with HiCloud, Amazon, Baidu as Cloud
  • Customized User Management Interface, on LINE, WeChat, Messenger, etc..